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George's Bio

This is George Liristis

On August 3, 1973 God told to my mom to turn on the lights of my life . Iam Greek-American, I come from Karpathos Greece and Chicago.

I grew up in Chicago. A children's xylophone and a Melody organ were the first musical instruments that they suffered in my hands at the age of 4 years in America, at this big house near to my father's job (Maths Professor at Chicago university...).

In the coming years with my return to Greece have shown in many different ways in my family that music was very important to me. 

So I demanded from my family that music dreams have to come true...

I started to learn violin and music theory at the great conservatory of Piraeus. Having spent 2 years I realized that the violin was not really what I wanted, so I turn to the keys. At the age of 12 years beginning my journey in the wonderful world of instrumental music in other famous private conservatory started keyboards.

At my 18th having completed studies on the specific organ I dealt for a long time with electronic music and music technology. From this time was started the big challenge for me accompanied by the music tradition of Greece and America ....

When I became 15 years old I took my first wages as a musician and hopefully for 30 consecutive years is the music that gives me a living.

On all this time I have worked with several well-known musicians and singers in rock and folk area having won many of them, money and experience for my future plans that are many. I have also worked in other jobs like waiter and radio producer.

In this short text I could not miss the 2 albums I've done so far. The first has to do with the organization of children's choir in my village on the island and the presentation of this work on disk in Greece and Cyprus.

The second work concerns the adventures and sorrows of my best friends...

At this time I continue this fantastic journey into the deep sea of music along with the inspiration and passion for my notes.
 I follow three parallel paths..First path is about writing music, songs, lyrics and texts for my new albums, the second is about Greek live music for Greek -Americans and the third is about cinematic music composition, this is my secret path 


The future will surely draw their dreams, my dreams on the forum of the soul ....


Follow me, I have something new and fresh to show you....

Η μουσική είναι η μόνη απόλαυση των αισθήσεων χωρίς αμαρτία

Samuel Johnson

Μη ζῴην μετ᾽ αμουσίας

Να μη ζεις χωρίς μουσική




Be Good to Be Better

Na είστε καλα για να είμαι καλύτερα

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