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Northern Lights

Itane Mia Fora - George

Nisi tou Paradeisou - George

Tetrastixo Fili - George

Oti Skepazei o ouranos - George

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At previous years there was a noname band playing at weddings, Christenings and Greek Nights. It's time this band to get a name..From now on our session musicians obtain a unique band name. George Liristis is the founder of this idea and became himself a permanent member of this band called

Greek Flame. 

Greek Avra Traditional on stage

Filio Terzi - Tzivaeri 

Greek Flame - Tsamika 

Greek Flame - Zonaradika 

Greek Flame - Pontiaka 

Greek Flame - Syrtorumba

Greek Flame - Kalamatiana 

Greek Flame - Dimotika 

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