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Desert Mountains

About Website

Some Details about this website

Why Exists

This place is not just another website. It is something more. George Liristis wants to show you everything about his music carrier. From personal music compositions, to his live performances with the band he founded before some years.

Also George gives you the option to learn what he offers from now on as a producer or musician or band.

Navigate to specific pages for more information. Just press the buttons on navigation bar on top and find whatever you want. 


This website has another four different main sections after this. The 2nd one refers to George's personal carrier. You can listen instrumental compositions, songs with his voice, also you will watch his videos and you may read his articles, poems and notes that he wrote all these years.

3rd section show you all about Greek Avra Band. 

4th section is a general sub-website with all we have to know as Greek American people... 

And 5th section is a contact page with something else...

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